The Makers Ground presents

March 8, 2020

Bergeron Centre, York University


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Canada’s First Student Run Maker Fair

The Lassonde Student Government is hosting the second Maker Fair this upcoming March. This maker fair will celebrate tech-based DIY projects, from arts & crafts to robotics. Think “show & tell” but of larger proportions than your kindergarten class.  This event is open to all ages, from maker kids in elementary all through full grown adults with years of tinkering experience.


We are all MAKERS! Become a part of the proud supporter of a group of engineering student leaders whose mission is to create a strong foundation for the next student leaders to come.


Learn by Doing! Enveloped by local art, nature, and culture, you will recreate ideas and unmask the connections between the things that we take for granted.


Be a part of something great! Your support goes directly towards the celebration of the junction of technology, science and innovation and the DIY movement.

from tiny tinkerers in grade school to mature grad students to full-grown makers! 

Robotics, installations, fabrications,

hacking & cardboard!


50 makers
+ local makerspaces

46% of Americans identify as a maker – that’s 135 million people!


“Un-waste the Waste”

In 2016, worldwide electronic waste was recorded at 45 million tonnes. The maker movement is based on the repurposing materials. This year, we’re taking this opportunity to promote repurposing electronic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. We’ve been granted access to York University’s old used electronics and we’re making COOL THINGS with them! Dog made of circuit boards? Pencil holders made of keyboards? The only limits are your imagination!


  • Laser-cutting with Maker Bean Café

Get introduced to laser-cutting in our Prototyping Lab with Maker Bean Café! Their workshop will take you through various laser cuts: etching/ rastering, light scoring vector, and heavy vectoring.

  • Bio-sonification with Nanotopia

Learn how to make fungi sing! Find out what the 555 chip is and how to breadboard it. Explore the differences in bio-data and non-human data!

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